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Three blind mice

test  Try this and see how aware you are

I am pretty impatient in life…  Why oh why do I have to wait?  Sigh….
Yeah I am just being a whiny little me.  In truth it is all okay, I am just impatient.  I want what I want when I want it.. is that normal??  YES!  I am normal!  (a quote "if you have to say it, it isn’t true")

The Penguin in me
the penguin in me wants to run free,
the penguin in you probably does too,
the penguin in us just wants to bust

to bust free of this stifling still
to run buck naked just for the thrill
to laugh and be cordial and have a good time
to be free of guilt and worry and slime

the slime of this life clings to our bones
we wash it off but it finds it’s way home
it is green and it is gross
but what I hate the most
is how I welcome it in

but why let it in? …BLAST!  this sin
why do I want it to come in?
Wants and desires who lites these fires?
the traps of life I struggle and strife

I will continue to fight for my very life!
The Victory chant..  is it time to end this rant?
Blessings on you, in all that you do
slime or sanity, either way vanity
tickle my fancy
and I’ll call you Nancy

the Penguin in me,
she truly is free
she says what she wants
she knows what she needs

life is a journey, what is our hurry?
I learn as I struggle, I grow as I learn
the growing gets better with every turn

the Penguin in you?
you set it free…
perhaps on this journey of you and me

**note the Nancy part is not a lesbian comment   (remembers the quote!!!!)  I guess it was just funny so I left it in.


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