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Near or Far RAISE the BAR

Here I stand, me and my band
I reach out… you slap my hand

Here I sit, me with your shit
I look out…but want none of it

Here I cry, and wonder why?
I ponder… why do I try?

There you stand, my heart in your hand
You look down and don’t understand

There you sit, and ponder it
You think you don’t know shit

There I cry.. "I WONDER WHY!!"
You don’t listen..and so I sigh..

Here we part..or do we restart?
We must take the time to apply some heart

Here we are…  near or far
We must raise the bar

Standards kept..needs met
A steady pace wins the bet

Those who have ears to hear
Those who have eyes that are open
Those who have hearts to understand

** I know we say things our of concern.. but I do not think it is a kind way to do this by giving a one sided conversation.   I am sorry my poem contains profanity, but it is where I am right now.  I may not be a strong witness, and I apologize for that too, I will strive to do better Lord.  Please be patient with me.

I had a friend give me a lecture last night, I know she means well, but she took me totally of guard and I was tired.  I felt ambushed and browbeaten (where does that statement come from?  Head butting??  Brows have to be pretty big to beat someone.. of course I did have this one teacher in high School who could probably do it..yikes)  Wasn’t that a good way to end a poker night?  I lost by the way.. I have no poker face.. that is why I couldn’t believe Cel thought I could pull off such a complete "newbie".  I won the game of "frustration" or whatever it is called…it has a board. marbles and dice.  Was a good evening with just the right people 🙂  Irvin was such a poker face, he could bluff up a storm but Marion took us all!!  She had the right amount of spunk, she called Irvin out and owned him!!  Julie did quite well there on a few hands.  I got skunked!!  But I got to keep the candy!! 


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