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LOL!  I love it when someone’s own suspicions open them up to be pranked   Even better when they tell me about their suspicions…  ever so much sweeter when I can tell the truth and still keep the prank going!!  I tell you again I am innocent (I found the hallo in the closet under my collect of devious schemes and dastardly ideas…EASY  to find small pile!)   I laughed so hard my throat is sore today…perhaps I need to learn to mute my mic so I do not have to muffle my laughs.  Even when I confessed the truth my hapless victim still stayed in the delusion, I laughed at another comment and Bam I get blamed for saying something the other toon said.  It wasn’t me honest!  Oh how I wish I could read the private tells that were flying about the server last night!! 

On a side note and so you know things happen to me as well..I mean I am only devious to relieve the stress and tension of the cruel jokes that happen in my life…okay on the story:
I am the one at the office that prints the business cards for myself and everyone.  For some reason I tend to make mistakes on my own while being ever so careful with everyone else’s.  I have printed and reprinted the current cards for over a year now… Today a customer was trying to e-mail me something and wouldn’t you know it..  I put .com instead of .net…  I wonder what I all missed!!  I have been annoyed at people when they have not e-mailed me stuff for work…all along it was me.. and my typing??   Reminds me of a time when I wanted to give my number to a guy and I gave my brother’s cell. ph # instead.  Needless to say that didn’t go well…

So smile if you have been pranked by a friend, at least you know your not doing it to yourself!!  Should I put a post on the forum about it?  Naming names and pointing fingers??  Nah .. everyone knows LOL  I am INNOCENT!!  (Well of BEING the newbie… everything else I did with pleasure!!  Oh and thanks for the help to all that participated!!)


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