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I am having to blog twice today… IT IS NOT MY FAULT!!  The world has gone crazy!!  Well Samsung seems to anyway.

A short story made long.  I call the 1-800-726-7864… go through the IVR and do da do end up talking to a service agent.  Go through the whole process of making a "service profile".  Then I get "wait your Canadian, this is the Americain Canada at 1-800 blah blah"  So I try the new number and I get "this number is not working"… so I am like "hmmm? maybe he said 1-888-blah blah".  So try that…low and behold it rings.. they answer.. "woot woot" Start the profile again… "WHAT your Canadian!!..What the number I am giving you says it doesn’t work?!?!?!  Try this 1-905 blah blah.  (I just realized it is a 900 number LOL)

Well yep I got a Canadian on the 1-905-#, and yes we are different than the Americans.  We offer to talk to you in French , plus WE don’t have that accent thinger

All together it was a happy learning experience.  I learned that I am not the only one who makes mistakes…  If you are pleasant in odd situations it tends to go faster than if you are unpleasant…  And even if you talk to the right people they might try and send you back to the people that sent you to them.   I also learned that sometimes even when you talk to the right people, you might not like the information they do give you, but you can still take joy in knowing they are as confused as you are

What a great day today has been?!?!  I stayed up till 2am, and I feel better today than yesterday when I went to bed at Midnight.  Moral of the story: Stay up late with good people having good laughs for as long as you possibly can!!  Then crash at work around 4pm cause that’s the good life

I will be going through 12DS withdrawal by Monday night I am sure… perhaps I will sneak in a hour or so sometime.  I am puppy sitting again..this time they have 5 dogs.  Okay okay.. 2 almost dogs, and three little tykes.  My mom’s poodle had 3 puppies about a week ago.  They are double the size now she says..we shall see.

(I feel like talking…  Can you tell?)  Blah blah blah.. all this while I should be working!!

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