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I Knew it!!

Wow..  never thought I would see the end of it!!  The End is Nigh

Now go about your normal business!   I know I am…

– One Grass Skirt <check… don’t worry I am wearing other stuff too…
– One aching body <check
– One possible good hair amongst the bad ones <grrrrr  Check
– Two dark shadows under my eyes < *squints in mirror… check check
– Ginger ale in mini cans <check.. but needs checking throughout the day
– Tylenol.. <Check check and double check
– A serious case of the "oh pity me"s <blasted yes….check
– A 8hr work day <…   check

I have to admit that I have one friend, Ceo, who has taught me through trials and stresses in her life, that one should sometimes do things just to make themselves happy.  And I mean things like wear my grass skirt to work, or my moccasins in church with my dress cloths.  I once wore my silly Vegas hat to church…  it was good for a chuckle.  …  okay now that I read that I guess I am an attention seeker…  when did this develop… hmmm

Perhaps time to rethink this…  Nah.. Life is short, have a laugh!


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