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You win some and you lose some.  Today seems to be a real winner I am smiling see the teeth   I am getting to a point in life where I am feeling safer to take risks, risks in meeting people, approaching people, and even attempts to meet people.  I know I am going to get rejected along the way.. and I am okay with that.  Sometimes I count myself as rejected before it happens, in hopes to soften the blow.  Perhaps this leads to rejection?  I am not sure.
I know this time if I am rejected, I will be okay.  I have good friends who I can count on…Well mostly.  My St. Patty party fell flat, the hostess decided not to host it at her house…"can we post-pone it?"  Um  Who wants to wear all green and talk Irish after Easter???  Well okay it could still be fun, but the timing is all off LOL.  I think for revenge I will get her to decorate for St. Patrick’s day.. but get everyone else to dress western and act shocked when they walk into a green scene!!  (now that would be fun!!  I feel better.. I think this is a good idea LOL)
I am still laughing.. wow!  It is ironic that on Saturday I went in search of party supplies, in the mood to spend, but I couldn’t find any St. Patrick’s stuff anywhere, which is weird.  I guess the Lord was protecting my pocket book as well.  Thank you!  Now I guess I can play the games I invented tomorrow with my nephew this was a successful rant.. I have a new devious plot to work on and I can see a blessing from God..  Phew and I thought I would be grouchy and whining LOL.  Woot WOot  Anyone got spurs and a cowboy hat, cause I am gonna load up my cap gun tonight YeeeHAW!  (it’s another story..but feel threatened LOL)

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