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"Why I am a penguin"
by Theresa Janzen

I am a penguin and I will tell you why
because I am in a frozen land of snow and sky

Isolated from the world in a land of snow
surrounded by emperors ruling their own little show

In this black and white world I blend
no one has found me..who will He send?

I can not fly, but I can not swim!!
What kind of trouble is this penguin in!!

Will she flounder or learn glide
through the ever bellowing tide

the ebb and the flow she knows so well
at times she thinks "oh what the hell"

she takes a leap and jumps right in
time will tell if it is sink or swim

**  as a side note I miss 710 turning me into a penguin.  It was a fun time 🙂  I guess I am in the right crowd for fun times 😛

And I am going to a St. Patrick’s Day celebration!!  Well, kinda in charge of planning it, well sorta not my idea but I am the girl who does the e-mailing.  Any suggestions for a non-alcoholic adult event?  I want to see who comes up with the corniest limerick, and who wins the pot of Gold coin toss. 


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