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I now have documented proof!!

Just in case anyone thinks I have a big mouth..

I was just at the dentist.. apparently they like to see you more often than every decade??  see!  Went in at 8:30 am left at NOON, and all I had done was a general check-up and cleaning??  My jaw hurts and my teeth are settling again…but the best news, which makes it all worth it, is that I have a small mouth.  They told me more than once..  so there!! Ha..  Maybe that’s why I am single??  I need to speak up more and collagen my lips?? nah… maybe the speak up part.

Okay, so I do not have documented proof, but verbal affirmation will have to do. 

And for those who care I have another appointment May7th 8:30 am. REMIND ME!!! 
And I am making an appointment for a 1 year from now as well for a cleaning. 
I have learned my lesson, and saved big time $$!! 


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