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Sunday Morning fun

Wow you know you have gotten up too fast when you take the time to tromp through the snow to setup for a picture.  The snow in my backyard is waist deep.. I sure hope someone gets a chuckle from my antics besides me.  Well I guess as long as it makes me happy I am okay!!

When I showed James the picture his only comment was "if your friends think you whooped me I will be mad."  Well I whooped him good 😛 Just kidding, I wanted it to look like I threw him off the deck head first LOL.  1 pair of ski pants, 1 pair shoes, 2 smaller blankets, 2 rods and a devious sense of humor.  I half thought to leave them out there to see if anyone would comment.. perhaps I will put it out in front of the house later tonight 😛

Yesterday was a fun day.  Friday night the winds raged and the snow fell, I had heard the wind all night.  I got up and ready to leave around 7:45am, leaving me 15min to get to work.  When I opened the front door there was 6-8" of nicely packed snow on the door jam.  Naturally I stepped over it and closed the door.  I had to kick the snow off of each step so as to avoid slipping.  I looked at my brothers vehicle and saw that there was a bit of a snowdrift, but nothing to bad.  As went around to see my car it wasn’t bad between the vehicles.
    As I rounded the driver side of my car I noted that there was a snowdrift up to the handles and engulfing the whole side of my car.  I love how God has a good sense of humor 🙂  At this point I must admit that I started laughing out loud.  My neighbors, if not already aware of the fact, must have thought I was crazy.  I kicked the snow away from my car…knocking it down really and coating my jeans up to the knee with snow. 
   I was unsure how my car would handle the snow on the road.  I thought "let’s getter done", actually I have no clue what I was thinking, I was still laughing and enjoying this adventure.  I put her in reverse and stomped on it (checking to make sure there was no oncoming traffic of course) plowing snow off my driveway 🙂  I was going good, clearing a path on the street, until I got to the four way which I stopped.  My car wanted to go sideways instead of forward at this time, but a little shnaggling of the wheel and I was off again.  I love driving in the snow like that WOOT WOOT!! 
  As I got close to work there was a vehicle stuck turning right onto the main street and 2-3 vehicles stopped behind it.  I wasn’t exactly sure where the approach was to our lot, but I figured.. "It might be here!"  So instead of joining the line of vehicles I just pulled to the right and gunned it!  There was a bit of a thump, bumping noise, but it sounded like the wheels hitting the curb…I hope!!"  I was pushing a bit of snow getting on our parking lot, and there was a slight oder in the vehicle.  NO I WAS NOT SCARED..don’t even go there! 
   When I stopped the car I noted that there was a trail of brown fluid behind me…  Lucky it was only dirty water from the snow going up on the engine or somewhere.  And after that my day got even better 🙂  It felt like it was an adventure.. I love adventure.. I NEED adventure!!

**Disclaimer: No NEONs or nephews were hurt in the making of this story.  If you were bored by it that is inherently your own problem and should not be blamed on the people represented herein or talked about here out!

Have fun in the snow, hug people when you can and laugh till your sides hurt!!  Life is a gift, live it well, bless others too!!


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