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Finally a break!

Wow finally a break in the weather!!  Minus 29 last night Woot woot WOOT!!  Well after a week of -40+, -20ish is fantastic!!

I have to admit I got very house bound, I had my mind set so that going out side was paramount to death.  I think they should not be so doom and gloom about the cold when you have a warm place to live and warm cloths to wear.  Perhaps I should just on listen to the weather, I can remember when I had a dog and we walked at -35..mostly because I do not own a working thermometer or listen to the radio   My dad was not happy that I had gone walking. 

I walked to an appointment yesterday, mostly because I was late and it was not far away, it seemed quicker to bundle up and walk then to call someone who had a vehicle in a garage.  My little Neon is frozen solid, what once was a magenta car is now a frosted white lump.  I am almost sure I could plug her in and get her started, but I am afraid that would kill her in the long run…I mean she is 10 already.

My heart is warm and filled 🙂  I thank the Lord each day for my loved ones.  I even thanked the Lord for the computer program I am using at work??  I must have witnessed a miracle since I hated that program when we first got it.  Now I see what I have actually gained by it, funny how it takes me a bit to appreciate the gifts I get.  I am glad God is patient with me..I’d have given up some time ago thinking "this one will never learn".  But slowly I think I am learning the lessons God has planned for me.


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