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Too Easy

You know you have it too easy as an employer when one of your problems is that your employees come in to work on their days off.  They sign in and go straight to work??  Um I am sure I have never..ever done that.  I have woken up in a panic thinking I slept through my alarm, but never have I gone in when I was not scheduled..because I read my schedule!! 
Okay.. this being said.. how can I be annoyed by it 😛  Now that is my mistake!  Just thought it was a funny "issue" to have with an employee. 
I started my work day at 8am… how can one hour make such a difference?  And for you in the south I walked to work 🙂 15 minutes but only -4 or -5 so very warm 😛
Oh and I am bragging.. it was -15 in Calgary Ha Ha..  I wonder what Winnipeg had this morning?
Wow they got to 24… yeah -24 😀 Neener neener neener..  Wait I am more mature than that… nope I am not!!  Neener neener neener
Hig please inform Cel of my neenering if you read this.  Thanks

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