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The difference

The Difference Between Need and Want
What is the difference between a need and a want?
A need facilitates something.
The object of need is like the road to your destination.
There are also different levels of needs.
For example, we need air more than we need clothes,
and we need a heart more than we need a hand.
Our greatest need is God because he is the source
(facilitator) of all good things.
A want, in essence, does not affect the course.
It simply makes the journey more enjoyable.
~A MountainWings Original, Coyette Clunie, Jamaica W.I.~
I believe killing Reckless was a want, because it simply made the journey more enjoyable (see innocent)
Hey isn’t honest and innocent linked in some way?.. I mean you can’t have one without the other…  No that’s love and marriage??  I am so confused.
OH Wait!!  This just in Tera Rift got to the Deep Falls Queen before she died.  Yes yes she died, but the point is she got so far!  DJ resed her and she got her revenge on the Queen and her one remaining lackey.  It was sweet success!  I have dead Tera pics, butif you have seen one you’ve seen them all 😛

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