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Lessons learned on my game

When traveling with a friend do not offer to duel them when it will
cost them points, you never know when you will get the better of them! 
Thusly did I defeat Zedd’s descended immortal.  Muhahahaha in TWO hits
1 Harm, one mastery and BAM flattened!  It was beautiful!!  Of course
he had just killed me twice, but that was a given.  This day shall be
immortalized forever, talked about and treasured :)…  Crazy that we
are friends still …

Actually I think Zedd had it coming after
a certain comment that I was shocked that he made aloud on TS jk.  It
was fun… *remembers the moment of his death* sighs… a smile grows,
if only Zedd knew the monster this little victory might have
awakened??  Time will tell.


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