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The Real Wheel of Fortune

Life is compared to a wheel that is constantly turning.

As the wheel of fortune turns, those who have been at the bottom
may one day find themselves at the top and vice versa.

One may one day need the help of the very same person whom he
rejects today.
~Ben Azzai~

But many that are first shall be last; and the last shall be
first.  (Mat 19:30 KJV)

***this quote is the September 27th edition of***
God invented tough love,  He asks the best of us and He is perfect.  Lucky for us He also knows we will fail, that is why He sent Jesus, so when we do fail we have someone to interceed, to bring forgiveness and an example of how to keep going.  Jesus went through many struggles to bring redemtion for all.  As a believer I need to remember this and as read a recent quote "Not my way, Yahweh".

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