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Ever feel…

Ever feel like no matter what you do you don’t belong in polite society?  Like no matter how you badly you want to behave in an acceptable manner you seem not too?  Or those people that can hit a nerve just by being alive, and you try time and time again to figure it out so you can change your initial response to them.  Yet you can’t, and do not know why? 
I guess.. I mean I hope dearly someone reads this and says "yes I know what you mean".  I don’t want to be alone in this. 
**NOTE the below paragraph is not typed or thought in regards to any current event, comment, convo, anything.. I think this all the time. I just don’t change it 😛
I know sometimes I get a little carried away and get too rambunctious, causing an invasion into personal spaces.  Well this happens on 12DS and I tease and joke with everyone.  Even people I really don’t know that well..or newbies.  Sometimes it works okay, and then the next time I feel like I have stepped on some toes..ooopsie.  I am not sure if I should restrain myself or continue.  I do try to stop when I sense that I am interrupting or being annoying, but honestly sometimes I can’t tell. 
I am a little self absorbed, but I am trying to change that.  Well hopefully that turns out okay.
Look I talked about myself again??  Well it is my blog I guess I can…  Can’t I?  I need someone to argue with right now, and then make me laugh.  See it is all about me 😛  Well okay I concied it is not so ENJOY this video!!

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