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One week till my birthday!

Note that it is under jokes… that was just for fun.. I AM NOT BITTER!! jk

I am not sure what I will do for my birthday besides work!  I make the schedule at work, and somehow I have made it impossible to take off for myself?  I am too nice to the other staff… that must be it.  I am hoping to celebrate on the Sunday before, but that might not happen!  We shall see.. in any case I am spoiled rotten with good wishes and people remembering it.  In the past important people in my life have forgotten.. I have since taken the opinion that it is my duty to remind.  Not just for myself.. but they feel awful when they forget.

Well tomorrow I get to take a 2 hour test at the doctors.. and am I pumped..NOT!  I have to sit still for 2 that will happen.  Nothing serious mind you, I mean not really life threatening.  It is to check to see if I have diabetes.  I can’t worry about it, it’s not like studying will help   I get to get poked.. drink juice.. wait 2 hrs.. and get poked again..Yahoo  I am ex static..can’t you tell..

I had a great time today.  My friend had an offer accepted on a house she is buying, naturally she is rejoicing and wondering.  I think she got an excellent deal and look forward to visiting her there.  Hmmm  I might even help her move 😛  yes I will!!

Well it is almost 11:30 PM so if as some of you know I have issues with 11:34 and my projection clock telling me off…  So I will type a little longer.  I feel like signing on to 12DS..  but I won’t be able to stay long.. or I might and then not sleep.  Choices in life.. one makes them even when you don’t decide to do anything..for even that is a choice. 

HEY!  Remember to check out my NFLD pics!  I have more I want to add yet.  And yes the Dildo one made the cut because I wanted to be able to show what Dildo NFLD looks like!  It’s a place people get your mind out of the gutter!

My one friend is taking pyscology and she says "if you have to say it about yourself it is not true."  So I am weird :P!!  At the very least that just means I am in a weird mood  LOL  night all!

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