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Hi there!!

 WOW!  NewFoundland is BEAUTIFUL!  God knew what He was doing when He created it!  And I will be back on the island in the future, perhaps with a tent so I can camp & explore the wondrous wild side of the island!
My one struggle is that it is not attached to the main land, but upon further reflection NFLD would not be what it is if it was attached.  So again God knew what He was doing!
***Note to all of those who do not go to NFLD regularly: BOOK YOUR RETURN FERRY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.  It never occurred to me that a ferry that holds 300 cars and has 3 trips a day could be booked up for over a week.  Luckily Julie was very patient with me as I struggled to get over this fact…once we both learned about it. 
***Note to those travelling to NFLD with medical prescriptions: FILL YOUR PRESCRIPTION BEFORE LEAVING THE MAIN LAND.  They do not fill any prescriptions made by doctors out of the province.  This was another unexpected event.
***Note to all humans:  DO NOT MAKE ASSUMTIONS.  LOL Well it is true, and I should know enough about my self by now to know I need to plan my holidays a bit better.  I assumed I could just "go with the flow"… I know better now. 
I do need structure like knowing where I will sleep next, when I can get off of an island…  Julie found it an adventure, and I was not as adventurous!  I am lucky she is a good friend and can tolerate my lack of trust that all would turn out well.  Lesson learned for me and I will try to remember.
I am also struggling with my time…  I realize I am so very blessed in my life with friends.  I want to give everyone my full attention, but then there is no time left for quiet time and I am always trying to make every opportunity to visit with each of them work.  I feel like I am letting them down and standing them up all the time.  I need to quit saying maybe and either choose Yes or No.  If I do not know for sure that I can make it I will be saying No, but if I can after all I will call to see if it still works.  That way they are not waiting for me.  I know that by saying No too often to the same person they might give up trying, but I will try to still be a good friend and hopefully they will see that and know I am trying. 
I love you all very much and want to hear/see you flourishing and growing.  I was recently asked "If I could only accomplish one thing in life what would it be?".  First was to be told by God "well done" and second was to be a good and loyal friend.   Sorry  your not first, but I mean God is supposed to be first!  Let me know if I am accomplishing either of these goal…okay?  But remember tough love is more about the love than the tough!!!  🙂

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