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Can I spaz a little?


Yes I put it under hobbies LOL  Spazing is my hobby!


I just realized that I go through depression in the summer?


Now based on my last blog I have a choice, if I consider Depression a pain I have the choice to suffer or not LOL.  I choose to recognize and refuse to be controlled by it.  I have already sent one e-mail I wish I hadn’t, I choose to calmly assess my thoughts & feelings before putting pen to paper.  I choose to keep active & visit friends even when I feel like hiding with my head in my game.   I choose to remove myself from places that tempt me to "act out in rebellion".  I choose to dye my hair pink like I have stated to my friends.  I choose to be more daring and let my quirky personality show.  I choose to feel accepted by God, and not to worry if I am accepted by people.  I choose to let go of rejection, and hurt feelings..


Now I think I shall stop there.. that’s a lot of choices.  And I am generally a decision avoider!


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