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Well I have a date tonight..

I put this under ALTER EGO because I can almost not believe it’s true.  I had my hair done at 1pm today Denise says it looks good, Julie says it looks good and Andrew said it Looked good.  I hope Tim thinks it looks good..  yeah.

I am nervous and excited.  I wish I already knew Tim better, but these things take time.  I can honestly say I do not know what will happen to our friendship after tonight, but I am feeling good about just having a fun evening.  I have learned more about myself latly.  Something I like and somethings I want to change.

I always thought I missed out on alot of fun as a youth, but I realize that God guided me through my stormy years.  Not that I don’t storm anymore, just not as much.  I hope He guides me safely through these.. um next years.  I can’t say what kind of years they are until I have past throught them.. to much info for most people LOL.

So.. thanks for the advice and experiences of my past and I hope to share many more,

Ever Tera 😛

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