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Dreams.. scary

I had another dream about the end of the world. No tornado this time.. which for me is strange.

It started with people then we looked up and there was a face in the clouds and the face breathed out a cloud. the cloud rained down parachutes with baskets that turned into golden cloths. It was more about the devil infiltrating lives with golden cloths. Not just any cloths, these cloths changed to suit the wants of the person who picked them up. The person I was watching did not pick up the cloths, they had a feeling something was not right with using them.

All the people wearing these cloths (which by the way changed so you couldn’t always see that they were the "golden cloths") seemed to be faster, never falling when skateboarding..just kind of doing what they want. Enhanced might be what I call it.

That is pretty much the dream.. one might ask how I knew it was a prelude to the end times, but some things in a dream you just know.

I just knew I was afraid that I was not ready for Christ to come, I want to be ready.. but how do I get these stinking golden cloths off?

My friend Michael told me to soak up God’s word and I know he is right. It was after reading in Psalms that I calmed down enough to sleep and had this dream. If anyone wants to hold me accountable ask me what I have read in God’s word lately, I should have an answer.


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