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Grand Ma J.

Grandma Janzen pasted away on Jan. 6th @ 7am.  92 years of age a Christian of strong faith, an encourager and mother to alot more people than just her own children.
I will miss Grandma, she was my resting place when I was in High School.  I would go and visit her while I waited for my Mom to be done work, and for some mysterious reason I could fall asleep there within moments.  My sleep was steady and refreshing, it made me ready for the next day.
Her house smelled of A535, you know that minty smell that exists where older people live.  She always had peppermints and candy for us even though she herself was diabetic. 
She made lots of friends, but survived them all.  Remembered them all.  She had many laughs even while she was in pain, she tried to put on a comforting face.  I remember when she had her stroke and was in the hospital, she was trying to set me up with a nice male nurse.  It was funny to me then but more significant now, because I realize that she was still trying to make sure I was happy even when she couldn’t move herself. 
God bless her and keep her.  She is with Him now, at rest finally, away from the pain of loss and the physical pain that she had for the last few years.
Thankyou Lord that we could have her for this long, and for the impact that she had on our lives.  Help me be a little bit like her, and maybe the gracious little old lady that she was someday.

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