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Galations 4:4-5

by Michael L.
My verse today is Galations 4:4-5
But when the right time came,
All in accordance to His perfect timing
God sent His son,
It is God’s who sent His only begotten Son because of His love for us – John 3:16
who was born of a woman
(i do not have any biblical proof on this but i believe this may in a way be a ‘redemption’ for the sins of Eve and also the importance of the role of a woman in God’s original creation and also note the choice of a virgin woman Mary and a person of faith Joseph, Mary’s fiancee)

and lived under the law.

Jesus came to fulfill the law. No man other than Himself can fulfill the law. That through Jesus we can come before God. Not by our works nor by law we are blameless before God, but by His grace. 

God did this so He could buy freedom for those who were under the law and so we could become His children.

No one, except Jesus, can obtain freedom by observing the law. The law was in place to guide the chosen people. As a preparation for the coming of Jesus Christ, who by His ultimate sacrifice gave us the gift of salvation.
If we are to become His children, we must acknowledge and know Him as our Father. Remember the LORD’s prayer… Our Father in heaven..

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