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Nov 29, 2006
Lay Down Your Cares
Praise the Lord, God our Saviour, who helps us every day. Psalm 68:19
Perhaps the heaviest burden we try to carry is the burden of mistakes and failures (yep the is me).  What do you do with your failures?
Even if you’ve fallen, even if you’ve failed, evenif everyone rejected you, Christ will not turn away from you.  He came first and formost to those who have no hope.  he goes to those no one else would go to and says,"I’ll give you eternity."
Only you can surrender your concerns to the Father.  No one else can take those away and give them to G.  Only you can cast all your anxieties on the one who cares for you.  What better way to start the day than by laying your cares at his feet?
Max Lucado – Walking with the Saviour
(So my prayer today, is to cast my worries and cares on Jesus.  I know I can not carry them.  Maybe one more care I need to give Jesus is that he show me where my anxiety comes from..the root cause so that I can give this to him as well.
And yes today is a better day,)

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