Thought conveyance portal.

Is nobody there?

I don’t want anyone to read this…unless you are as crazy as me!
My life is good, I have good health, I have family and friends who love me, God is good too..
Why have I got a hollow heart, my depression returns but I have a new awarness of it.  I am not blaming my ex for it anymore.  And I laugh now when I say "my ex", I think does a 3 month relationship mean anything in the long run?  I know people who have been married for 12-20ish years that are divoriced, or seaperated, what does my "friendship" compare to that "relationship" and so is my "ex" a friend still, and if he is then he isn’t an ex at all??  Ok so this is drivel now huh?
I feel better right now, thanks for letting me share this wierd distorted thought.
Feel better too.
Bye, hope to feel better in the morning 😛

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