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What? Was no one listening!!

I was worried and no one said "you’ll be fine with no internet"   I guess on the bright side I can say you all trust that I will find out that I will be ok!  I had someone tell me that I am stronger than I think.  Hmmm is this true?  I will have to be tested to find out I guess! 
Hey I have had two fortune cookies since I have been away from La Crete here is what they said:
  1. "Soon you will attend many parties and functions"  (ok I ‘m not quoting 100% but from memory) So this one we can make happen, it hasn’t yet..but it sounds fun!
  2. "Remember three months from this date.  Good things are in store for you."  Well now, this one has a big promise..From Oct 22 three months would be when?  January!!  I look forward to winter already   the loto # from this one were 5 9 10 31 32 38, in case someone wants to try them for me.  Let me know if you win big, and enjoy the money you will have earned it!

See how exciting is that, ok so I’m a Christian and I believe that God has promised to bless me, so these are just confirming that if I let God do what He wants in my life, He will bless me!

But the cookies were fun

I miss my kitty, Toby!  I am here in BC with two cats, but I want my kitty kitty!  Momma’s coming home soon Toby don’t you worry!

Tera Rift 😛



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