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NO Internet!!!

Wowwwie again I will be disconnected from the internet! What will/can I do?? Life will be dull questions won’t be answered, words will be misspellled (eeek it’s happening already!) and I won’t be able to talk to…You! I can’t update my site, I can’t chat with the nice people, I can’t play on-line games where I just stand around and chat even when I am supposed to be leveling. Will the internet continue on with out me in it? What oh what can I do?

Oh yeah…I can study, read my chapters, possible do the extra questions, do the chapter four question where I have to make an objective plan for the next 4-7 YEARS of my OWN LIFE!! Yeah I have stuff to do, I will just miss the communication! I love you all and will be home Nov 8 or 9! Keep my place warm for me! And Hey no more praying for snow!! LOL.

Talk to you soon,

Update!  I will be able to use my friend’s PC but no MSN or Google talk…I think I can get Yahoo though?  Not 100% sure, Colleen doesn’t understand my fear of withdrawl from being "connected"!


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