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The Creature what got me

Fredrick Jenkins lay dead
I saw him myself
right there on his bed
I knew his last words
‘neath his torn bedspread
would surely be something
I’d rather weren’t said

so I plugged the ears on my head
in retrospect I should have fled
but sadly I did
something dumb instead
like a wimp I leapt
right under his bed

why stick around for the dread
I should have run but
my legs were like lead
I lay terrified
while he coughed and said
"The creature what got me
lives under my bed"

all the blood rushed to my head
upon hearing the
words ol’ Fred had said
but try as I might
all flushed and red
I could sense no beast
under my friend’s bed

what noise I heard came from Fred
first a snort then a
giggle shook the bed
next his gigglin’ turned
to guffaws instead
all quite odd since he
was s’posed to be dead

all that was under Fred’s bed
was me feelin’ dumb
with my face turned red
the thing that I learned
and needs to be said
is beasts and monsters
don’t live under the bed

they live in my friend’s fat head
in spite of the tales
that friend may have spread
they’re myths and rumors
that shouldn’t be fed
and in case you missed it
Freddy weren’t dead

by Trebor Redleif


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