Thought conveyance portal.

I’m coming back!!!

It has been a long time in coming, but my alter ego has recovered once again!
This time i…i mean she, is preparing for a two month discovery program.  She has been given two months to discover where she wants to be in this wonderful worlf God has made.  It has been a tough go as of late with the events that have been happening around on the outside as well as the whirl of emotions on the inside.  It is more the whirl that has been the issue.
She has discovered that she is still confused with the death of her consirator (figurative death, no worries), she misses their involment in the plots and subplots of day to day existence.  This with the knowledge that even if she wanted to ressurect the dead, the dead would have to be in agreement, this does not seem possible.  And also keeping in mind that the partnership had several missing pieces before, she is not certain that she could survive another try…she might be the corpse as it were.  She is adamant that life must proceed onward and outward for a time.
A Peruvian proverb says "little by little you’ll go far", so that is her aim.  Yeah to fo far, but in which direction on what plain, will she be in the light??  All these questions surround her waking thoughts each day.  She did find a passage in her guide book that gave her a little boost.  It said paraphraseing it anyway, that she could not destroy the Master’s plan.  His will will ultimatly be done, who is she to think she had the power to destroy His will??  So yeah that gave her a giggle and a smile.
I don’t know where she will take me, and I don’t know if I will be able to find my way back.  But I do know that I have a friend who I can count on not to leave me, and will be with me if I don’t leave Him. 
So I or she will keep you posted.  I hope to blog regularly, and with a little humor…maybe? 
"Look!" she shouts…."someone read this?!"  "Crazy!"

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