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Silver Linings

My Dad found a slip of paper in my Grandma’s testament, she pasted away last
year. Here it is from a old news paper:

The most delightful benefit of being bald is that one can HEAR snowflakes.
– R. G. Daniels in the Observer, London

At least the kids enjoy inflation; they always did prefer hamburgers and hot
dogs to steak.
– James Holt McGavran in Ideas for Better Living

It’s common practice to critize nosy neighbors, but they are the best crime
protection your house can have.
– Quoted in Chicago Daily News

Be grateful for little things. It’s true that the world is getting crowded,
but can you imagine if Noah had taken four of everything?
– Orben’s Comedy Fillers

Just about the time when we envy young people their youth, we see some child
on the bus carrying an algebra textbook.
– Bill Vaughan in Kansas City Star

I hope you enjoy these tid bits from the past! Have a good day!



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