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Doctors and tests

I am kinda worried about what the test results are going to be.  I didn’t tell the doctor all the things going on.  My eyes seem to have dried out, thank the Lord a friend made me cry. it was a blessing, and i’m glad they brought to the forfront my chip on my shoulder!
My kidneys hurt some times..and I have no ambition to get up and exercise.  i have had a couple of times when I was dizzy enough I had to sit for a while for it to go away.  And then there is this anger, tension emotional thing that has been happening, though I think that is from worry.
I’m glad to say I can still laugh, I can still play sports (not any good but can play).  So why am I worried?  Maybe just maybe it’s nothing at all.  Probably that is true.
NO this is not an unhappy blog it, it is about my life and I am usually a happy person so this is just REAL not unhappy.  I am blessed with lots of friends, aquantences and encouragers.  i have a wonderful family (though we take each other forgranted).   I need to take the time to count my blessings sometimes.

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