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Ego Trip…

I wish I was on vacation right now…but instead I am here…ok on with it.
I was confronted by the cops yesterday..they had had reports on the hostage, I guess the old lady got hearing aid batteries again.  I have to find a way to keep her quiet.  My associate, while trying his best is unable to find the courage to brave the extremes of the job.  He can not handle the cold chill that accompanies the hostage these days.
I have been considering releasing no not to the wild.  I can not afford to send her there.  I might hire someone to take her off my hands.  It sounds like a nasty job, I am sure that I can find someone to take it on if the need arises.  Procrastination is my true self, why deal with it today if it will keep till tomorrow..
And on that possitive note…TTFN

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