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Smooth Criminal Lies again

Well now…where were we…right, here of course, duh.
Since my associate is not willing to take any blame for threats or inuendos it’s up to me to point at him and say, "He did it".  With my charisma being what it is I should be able to pull this off.  Good looks and a winning personality are no match for Chaotic Evil.
Well the Business seems to be doing well, we have a few unhappy customers but they are Gone now. 
The Hostage is screaming in terror again, trying to draw the attention of the neighbours…she doesn’t know that they are deaf(at least they wish they were).  I think I’ll take her on a round again and teach her some new tricks, that’ll shut her up for another day.
Yesterday there was a war going on on our home turf.  Naturally me being a natural born leader I single handedly took out the rival.  It turns out my associate was planning a hostile take over, he was trying to turn the hostage against me.  He is lucky that I decided to pretend that I had poor aim or else he would be toast(hmmm reminds me of my T-shirt).  I would have capped him, as it was there was that near miss which of course in reality could have proved fatal, but his being a pack of lies it was not.
The hostage situation was returned to normal and regular business began.  There was a little action, but we hope to see things pick up somemore. 
My associate has a little business of his own to take care of tonight. But I am keeping my eye on him so that he will not step out of line again…or else I might have to take him out…Dun dunt daaa.(supposed to sound threatening…but I ‘m to nice).
Keeping you posted on the Bull around here….bye

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