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Another pack of Lies

I have been busy the last few days…
I had to take the hostage down to the river, my associate kept threatening her.  He had to deal with her in the truck all the way.  We were not spoted, there was no one around infact.  It took a little longer to reach our destination, tried a short cut that ended in a DEAD END.
My associate went as far as torture, by sending her into the icy cold water.  Used sticks and stone…nope he did not break her bones. 
We were half way done when a suspisious vehicle passed the spot were we had hidden the truck.  They slowed down but I do not think that they saw us.  It was quite dark by the time that we returned to the truck.  We had seen a couple planes flying in low, I think another family is moving into our territory…or it could have been the fuzz.
One of the elders in our Family has gone on to a better place.  We are making arrangements for a proper send off.  Tomorrow we have to send some representatives down south toi handle the situation, it means we have to close certain aspects of our business, but that can not be helped.
My associate recieved a package, he seemed quite pleased.  It will be interesting to see how he used his new toy.  I have heard that it is dangerous, can cause serious injury even….death!!  Such a innocent looking thing, kind of like me??
Well I’m running low on info.(imagination, lol)
I should have an update in a few days once we are back.
Take care of business till then.

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