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An alter ego never dies

It’s official one of the Elders is passing.  We have to prepare for another ‘family event’.  All the heads will be there we hope, one Legg of the family is in the US, but we hope to corispond with him shortly.
Today the plans are for a couple of deliveries to various communities.  The van should drop off the stuff before lunch if all goes well.  It is our desire that all our Customers are satisfied, we know what to do if they are not…meh. 
The hostage was quite co-operative yesterday, perhaps it was the threat of being dealt with by a mutual aquaintance.  If anyone could get the job done I am certain he could (chaotic evil, you know it ;)). 
I am not sure where my other associate, Toby, stayed he did not report in last night or this morning.  He could be out on patrol or be ratting me out, that traitor!!  He could still be upset that I had him get that operation, but that was years ago, surly he has forgotten by now?
Well business will not take care of itself.
Instant Update:  Toby has reported home, what he was up to is still to be determined.  But he is talking.

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